100pc Superhero Balloon Arch Kit

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This Superhero Set will make any party a knockout!

Do you have a little supherhero with a birthday coming up? We know how expensive it can be to bring Marvel and DC from the screen to the party room so we've scouted out this amazing balloon kit. Create a super balloon entrance or incredible decor piece that will make your little one feel like they're at the best party in Metropolis!

These superpowered kits come with balloons and graphic stickers that can be assembled in so many different ways. They're especially great to tie in a theme that has multiple heroes in attendance - you'll be able to pull in almost any comic colour.

  • Super strong latex material
  • Comes in a variety of comic book style colours
  • Balloons are blank but the included stickers can be placed on any of them
  • Design the shape and style that will match your theme