252pc DIY Rainbow Arch Set

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The only thing missing is the Yellow Brick Road!
Take your party to the clouds with this gorgeous DIY Rainbow Arch Set. This will fit right in to any Summer, Pride, Wizard of Oz, or Fantasy theme to name just a few. Let the elegant rainbow welcome your guests to the party or display it over the dessert table to draw the eye. 
You won't need to worry about remembering ROYGBIV or how big to blow up each balloon since we've designed this kit with descending sizes based on colour. Each vividly colour balloon can be inflated with air or helium depending on your needs.
The size of this arch might sound daunting but trust us it's a breeze to put together. We would recommend using a balloon pump to speed up construction so two people can have this built in about an hour.

The Package Includes:
144 10" balloons
- 36 orange
- 36 pink
- 36 yellow
- 36 white
108 5" balloons
- 36 purple
- 36 blue
- 36 tiffany blue