Foil Giftbox Balloons

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Just make sure nobody tries to unwrap them!


Celebrating one of life's many gift-giving occasions? From weddings to birthdays to holidays, these adorable Foil Gift Balloons are a perfect addition. Have some sitting on or floating above the gifts table to let guests know where they can leave their presents. You can also fill them with helium and have them floating in a bunch together or as a part of a larger display.

You can also use these as under-the-tree decorations if you celebrate Christmas. No need to wait until close to the big day to have your tree filled with presents - have it look full and beautiful no matter how early you put it up!

  • Each Foil Gift Balloon comes as pictured
  • Made of foil to avoid leaks and tears
  • Bow can be retied to however you like
  • Can be inflated with air or helium