White Doves

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Much easier to train than the real thing!

You can have beautiful white doves flying above your wedding or event without having to worry about cleaning up after them. Even just a few of these unique balloons can really stand out at any gathering. Each dove has a large wingspan of about 42" but still look effortlessly graceful as they float in the breeze on their ribbons.

Get one each for the bride and groom to take back down the aisle or have them attached outside the reception to let everyone know they're in for a magical evening. We recommend securing them with extra-long strings to make them look like they are really flying around the entire party.

DO NOT RELEASE BALLOONS INTO THE AIR - you never know where they come back down


  • Strong foil resists tears and leaks
  • Can be filled with air or helium
  • Bright white metallic finish
  • Ribbon and weights sold separately