Balloon Chain Clips

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Build an arch like the pros with our Balloon Chain Clips!

We know you might be looking at some of our DIY kits wondering "OK, those are great and all but how am I supposed to build THAT?!?" Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Beautiful arches and wall displays are actually a lot easier than they might seem at first. All you really need are balloons and one of these plastic Balloon Chain Clips. Once you've filled your balloons you can start hooking the ends into these strips to start constructing the arch vision you have in your mind. 

Put your balloons in the order you want or follow one of the photo guides to bring everything together. Once attached, the balloon arch can be placed on the wall with balloon dots or tape. You can also support the arch so it acts as an entrance into your event!

Each roll comes with 5m of Balloon Chain Clips with either single or double holes. We would recommend double holes for arches and 10m total just to be sure you have enough to create a truly stunning piece.

  • Each chain is made of sturdy plastic
  • Choose been single (wall display) or double (arch or intricate wall display) sided strips 
  • Balloon Chain Clips are each 5m long
  • Fits most latex balloons