4ft. Life Size Foil Unicorn

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4ft. Life Size Foil Unicorn | Make Any Day Magical

Flowers, Stardust and Magic – use it as a fun prop or give your child a reason to treasure their special day for a lifetime. Surprise anyone with this life sized Unicorn and enjoy the adorable expression of disbelief on their face!

This giant 4 ft. tall unicorn is the same height as your child and promises some amazing pictures for Instagram. It’s not your run-of-the-mill balloon that will leak out or burst quickly but instead a premium, foil-made structure that will last a lot longer - well after the party is over. With a golden horn, purple mane, and glittery white body, it combines all colours of the rainbow to catch the eye of your friends and followers!

· Full foil balloon· Metallic gloss coating adds striking shimmers in the light

· Less porous and remains inflated for a long time

· Lightweight despite the large size

· Inflate with air or helium to set it up in minutes

· Suitable for Birthday, Baby Shower, Christmas, Photoshoots, etc.