40" Foil Numbers

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Any bigger would just be ridiculous...or would it??

It's really hard to find good numbers like this in a large size but we managed to find them! They are 40" tall when fully inflated and make for an eye-catching display no matter what you decide to do with them. Get two for fun birthday photoshoots or birthday parties; upgrade to 4 for New Years, Grads, or Weddings!

Choose almost all of the colours of the rainbow or our metallic Rainbow Gradient for a mythical look. You can also purchase one of our 10-pack latex balloon sets to add as accent pieces.

Don't be shy of your age - announce it loudly with these!

  • Sturdy foil construction avoids leaking and tearing
  • Use regular air for wall mounting or helium to float
  • Multiple colours and Rainbow Gradient available
  • Each number measures 40" tall when fully inflated