10pc Balloon Cake Toppers

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Tie your cake into your theme with these adorable cake toppers!

You want everything to match the theme if you have an eye for detail like us. We were thrilled to find these cake toppers because it brought together our love of balloons and show-stopping cakes!

Don't worry, your cake won't float away! Instead, these plastic spheres will give the illusion of a bunch of whimsical balloons floating above your delicious cake. You'll want to make sure you get photos of it early before your guests dig in. Choose from a variety of colours and find the one that helps make your vision a reality.

  • Each pack comes with an assortment of plastic spheres in the designated colours
  • Also comes with wooden sticks to mount your creation onto the cake
  • Durable materials means you can store and re-use the toppers again and again
  • Combine multiple packs for wider cakes or multiple tiers