Perfectly Round & Clear Balloons

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Have these bubbles float around your party without worrying about popping!

It might be shorter to list all of the things you CAN'T do with these balloons. Each one is perfectly round and clear so all you need to do is choose your size. They can mimic the effect of bubbles gracefully mingling around your event and you won't have to worry about them floating away (as long as they're tied down, of course!). These durable, latex balloons can also be filled with smaller balloons to tie your colour scheme together.

For an extra dose of magic, add LED lights to the inside of the balloons for a wonderful addition to night events. Fairy lights can also be attached around the outside like the pictures for that WOW factor in photos and in real life.

  • Durable latex construction for air or helium
  • Multiple sizes available for all needs
  • Can be used in endless settings - the only limit is your imagination
  • LED lights and ribbon sold separately.