36" Colourful Latex

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When it comes to balloons, bigger is always better!

If the movie Up gave you the same ideas it gave us then you're definitely going to want these huge 36" Colourful Latex balloons. While it might be hard to justify buying enough of these to get your house off the ground you can at least buy enough for a fun photoshoot or incredible showpiece at any event.

Each balloon is made with strong latex so you won't have to worry about the balloon bursting even at it's maximum size. Once inflated, the balloons are perfect for writing on or adding stickers to complete your vision. They can be filled with air to keep them closer to the ground but we would recommend helium to get the full effect. Just try not to float away!

  • Can be inflated to a maximum size of 36"
  • Durable latex avoids tearing
  • Matte finish is suitable for writing
  • Photos of the heart shape coming soon