14pc Foil and Latex Combo Sets

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Why decide between foil and latex when you can have both??

We love how the accent of metallic foil balloons compliments the latex. These kits allow you to create a visually interesting balloon display while keeping everything the same colour. Use 2 or more of these sets like the photo to create an amazing photo backdrop for memories that will last a lifetime. 

These kits also make great centrepieces and can colour-coordinate with any theme. Use these sets with ribbon or balloon stands for a sea of floating colour to greet your guests as they head to their tables. Place the sets in parallel rows to guide everyone into the event space and build excitement for the night ahead.

Each set comes with a mix of foil and latex or choose to have some clear latex balloons filled with colour-matching confetti.

  • Each combo set comes with 14 balloons total
  • Stands, ribbon, and weights sold separately
  • Sturdy construction to stop leakage after filling
  • Choose solid colour or confetti filled latex balloons